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Why core team is important in startup ?

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”

-Helen Keller


A thriving business is only as good as its employees, the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes. When you’re a founder or a co-founder of a startup, you’re always on the lookout for the right talent. The earlier the recruitment, the more entrepreneurial the employee needs to be. It’s this process of hiring that builds a core team early on. Initially, the core team is usually small and has a handful of people, but it’s these team members who are crucial for molding the ethos of the startup.

Without this team, you can’t chase your dream. That’s why hiring the right team member is crucial for any business—more so for a startup—because it’s the core team that's involved in understanding and executing the founder's vision.

Someone who makes a good employee might not necessarily be cut out to operate as a core team member. That’s why founders should be able to make this distinction while hiring. Founders should also check for signs of an employee being a self-starter when looking to hire for the core team. A self-starter is someone who takes charge and leads from the front, which is an admirable quality to have in any team member.

That being said, a core team is indispensable for the smooth functioning of the startup company, and here are a few reasons why you need to build it.

It’s the core team that collectively executes the plans

It’s hard to breathe life into your idea without a team, because it’s the team members who execute the founder’s vision. They do so by breaking the vision into short-term team goals and ensuring that the targets are met.

A core team is essential to turn vision into reality. How well you’re equipped for progress and achieving the milestones is dependent on the quality of the team members—their knowledge, skills, competence, attitude, and aptitude.

Since there’s a resource crunch in the early stages of a startup, the core team members should be able to multitask and don multiple hats to work in whichever role they’re needed. A tight budget might mean that your lead developer must engage in some project management or sales every now and then. Having a team also has other benefits. Delegating tasks to the team members frees up the founder to think about the big picture and steer the ship in the direction he or she wants. This way, the founder isn’t pulled in 10 different directions.

A core team shapes the culture of a startup

A company’s culture can be defined as the combination of the personality, beliefs, actions, and values of the founding team. Think of this as the DNA of the organization. It defines what your organization stands for. However, much like Rome wasn’t built in a day, the company’s culture can’t be forged overnight. That’s why it’s the job of the core team members to define the company’s culture and permeate it down the organization’s hierarchy.

The culture of a company has a direct bearing on the employees and how the company is perceived outside the circle of your organization. This is the reason why you have to be careful while hiring. It’s important to assess new recruits for being culturally fit as they too will be responsible in propagating the same culture. If your core team members are on the same page, it eradicates the chances of conflicts or disagreements. This brings lasting harmony among core team members and allows everyone to work toward a common goal.

A core team has the potential to build synergy

No two people should be the same in a startup. You require people who can comprehend and handle the myriad aspects of a company. The tasks are made easy when people with different skill sets work together in harmony.

You need a right mix of team members that brings with it the right mix of skills. These skills should complement one another, should be able to be used in tandem to achieve the larger goal. Therefore, a core team has the potential to harmonize the effort of each team member and provide synergy across the workflow, irrespective of the area of expertise of each team member.

Venture capitalists prefer startups with an ironclad core team

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that VCs fund startups not only based on the business plan. They also assess the camaraderie that exists across the core team. It’s simple enough. Business plans are susceptible to change because of market conditions; however, a core team shouldn’t change with the times. It should grow with time.

VCs therefore assess whether the team is solid and has the potential to adjust when things take a dastardly turn, when the going gets tough. In essence, it’s the team that really determines the fate of a startup. Even the best ideas might fail in the absence of a core team with the right capabilities to execute it.

How CREEK steps in

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A solid core team brings with it many benefits. It brings like-minded people aboard to chase your startup dream. Hiring a core team member is therefore a crucial component for any organization as it’s the driving force behind the organization’s effort to grow as one. So, make sure you keep these pointers in mind while building your core team.