Our story

Way back in 2012, Aman and Deepanshu were spending exciting times as college mates. They always had a knack for the entrepreneurial life, but never had the chance to see their ideas to fruition because of a lack of connections.

After graduating from college, Aman and Deepanshu had to go their separate ways. Aman began his professional career and Deepanshu joined the family business.

However, that nagging feeling to create something of their own always kept them in touch. One fine day, when they met, they picked up from where they left off.....

Aman  - “You know, the sad part is, it’s true! A lot of people like us want to do startups but fail to network with talented hustlers to help them in their journey.”
Deepanshu  - “True, current networking platforms have become very generic in nature. Let’s face it, you have 1000 connections on pre existing professional networking platforms but you barely know half of them.”
Aman – “I know. I hope we could do something about it- a platform to make meaningful connections.”
Deepanshu - “You mean a Startup for Startups?”
Aman – “Yes! A Startup for Startups”

A conversation over beer has never been this serious, worth remembering, and successful. This led to the conception of CREEK.

The next challenge? It was to realise that it takes a lot of courage and risk to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams and then sustain to survive.

The two friends wondered whether India could have a go-to place for aspiring entrepreneurs, where they could learn and be mentored by the successful creators.

Our Mantra

Give and you shall receive

CREEK believes in #StartupKarma

Empower every member on the platform with needed support and guidance in every possible manner.

Let’s build a world where imagination thrives and ideas are welcomed.