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The Passion Economy and CREEK

What is passion economy?

The 9-to-5 is history. The passion economy brings with it a new wave, a new way to work, which can be considered the future of work that even trumps the gig economy.

How the gig economy operates depends on the time-for-money framework, wherein you get paid a certain amount for the number of hours invested. That’s not the case with the passion economy. It allows for the much-needed flexibility that’s absent in the gig economy. You decide everything as part of the passion economy—and that includes the when, where, and how to work.

Suppose you’re a freelancer or an entrepreneur. In the passion economy, you get paid to work on what you’re passionate about. Moreover, you’re no longer fettered by the restrictions brought forth by the gig economy—you can scale your business exponentially and earn a passive income that’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg. Your content will be fit to be always consumed.

There’s more good news. The restrictions of the gig economy are further reduced. What the gig economy does is that it demands participants simultaneously work a job while scanning their environs for their next one. One constantly operates from the edge of his or her seat. This uncertainty can cause massive financial and mental stress.

Conversely, the passion economy gives individuals the freedom to work when they want, from where they want. It allows them to share the skills they’re most passionate about. It provides people with passive income and allows people to pursue their passion and positively impact the world around them.

When passion economy emerges

It can be said that the waning interest in the attention economy is what’s fueling the surge of the passion economy. In a nutshell, the attention economy is based on treating human attention as a scarce commodity—and a person only has so much of it. Moreover, the attention economy awards based on the widest possible reach and appeal. The passion economy distinguishes itself by being a platform for niche, differentiated products or services. This all goes to say that the more personalization or variety there is within a creator’s offering, the better value it offers to niche communities.

A new trend emerges as passion economy

In a research conducted by Forbes, nearly 52 percent of the respondents were ready to cut the umbilical cord of social media, meaning that users wanted to spend less time on their social accounts. This is mostly attributed to the tired and lackluster methodologies adopted by these social media giants to gain attention online.

Everyone is privy to how their data are being used. The consumer of today has next to no illusions about how social media giants are profiting from his or her attention, and these practices are beginning to tire users.

The big players are failing to rouse consumers as an audience. Therefore, the passion economy emerges to sincerely add value to every interaction. Instead of a “just-for-the-heck-of-it” approach, the passion economy has genuinely created a space for interactions that are based on sincere, shared passions and interests.

Say bye bye to the gig economy?

The gig economy might have brought with it certain benefits, but these are overshadowed by the trade-offs. Freelancers are always faced with the threat of financial vulnerabilities because of irregular revenue streams.

Most importantly, competition suffers. When it’s been a while without a gig, freelancers will almost every single time undercut each other to secure a job. This causes great upheavals in the power nexus shared between the buyer and the seller. It therefore becomes a lopsided buyers’ market with less control from the seller’s side. Price undercuts therefore turn into a slippery slope that goes on and on and on.

How CREEK fits in

CREEK is a one-stop solution for entrepreneurs. It ensures those passionate about their skills always build meaningful connections and connect with a purpose. If you’re a freelancer, you will meet fellow freelancers on the CREEK network. If you’re a first-time founder, you will connect with fellow first-time founders. You can even leverage the CREEK network to solve your day-to-day queries if you’re a fresher. On the other hand, if you’re a successful founder, you can dispense your knowledge to help budding entrepreneurs and build your network at the same time.

On CREEK, you connect on the basis of what moves you, what you’re passionate about. It’s about building a passion economy in which all kinds of entrepreneurs stay connected and leverage their network to get help and learn on the go. It’s about how passionate you are about sharing your skill and helping other members on the CREEK network.

CREEK is for like-minded hustlers who connect with a purpose to build their network. CREEK bridges the need gap and connects professionals with shared passions. It’s a place for students, entrepreneurs, investors, founders, and professionals and experts. Whether it be starting out as a fresher or looking for funding, CREEK has it all for everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit.