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Influential Circle

Of Explorers, Creators, Professionals, and Founders

Startup Karma

Give and you shall receive

With AI, CREEK works on the concept of #StartupKarma where you are identified as a hustler irrespective of whether you are in college or a founder looking to meet like minded people to build your dream project.

CREEK becomes your networking buddy.

How CREEK helps you?

Make Meaningful connections
  • Meet hustlers with diverse skills
  • Curated discussion forums
  • Find angels and investors
  • Connect with founders and mentors
  • Hire talent
  • Career opportunities
  • Discuss ideas that matter

Frequently asked questions

Have a query! we are here to help you.

There are numerous generic networking platforms but none of these directly cater to the Startups. This makes CREEK the go-to circle for aspiring founders.

CREEK takes a holistic approach to empower people with ideas and talent, guided by startup karma leveraging AI, and an innovative, responsive index that rewards a user based on how meaningful their contribution is towards helping their peers.

Your CREEK badge is going to speak a lot about you.

CREEK is for hustlers, who can be students, professionals or founders and who can connect and grow together. Our responsive index badges automates the search according to your interests to help you meet relevant people.

CREEK is tailor-made to fetch results as per your requirements. We are sure it won't disappoint you.


Some of ours and your heroes you will meet on CREEK


Some of ours and your heroes you will meet on CREEK